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Seed Collection

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Euphorbia characias
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Peony seed tray
Sorting seeds

Chantal Guiraud, of Mediterranean Gardening France, maintains a collection of over 400 varieties of seeds at her home in Montpellier. Members of associations which have joined the Mediterranean Gardening International community, and members of the Mediterranean Garden Society, are welcome to contribute and to order seeds from the list, which is updated twice each year.

The full list, together with information about how to collect and send seeds to Chantal, and how to order them, is on the Mediterranean Gardening France website. When contributing or ordering seed please ensure you include the name of the gardening association to which you belong. To make the seed list easy to use, it is illustrated with plant photographs taken by members. You'll notice that not all entries have an illustration and the website editor, Christine Daniels, would be grateful to receive photographs to fill the gaps. Please send these to Christine.


When ordering or donating seeds, you must ensure that:

  • you are complying with your local regulations, international and national legislation regarding the distribution of plants and seeds.

  • your choice of seeds does not include plants that are considered invasive* in your region. Consult your group for further information.

*Invasive plants are ones that are not native and usually introduced by man into places out of their natural range of distribution, where they become established and disperse, generating a negative impact on the local ecosystem and species.

Not all introduced species are invasive but invasive plants and animals are the second greatest threat to biodiversity after habitat loss. They have a particularly heavy negative impact in Mediterranean climate zones.