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Mediterranean Gardening France (MGF)

MGF provides opportunities for keen gardeners to meet each other in a convivial atmosphere to share information about waterwise and wildlife-friendly gardening using plants compatible with a Mediterranean climate. It seeks to promote the philosophy of waterwise gardening through its programme of activities, its website and its links with the wider community.

Mediterranean Gardening Association Portugal (MGAP)

MGAP promotes Mediterranean plants and gardens through education, cultivation, conservation and recognition of their communal, environmental and economic importance in our everyday lives.

Mediterranean Plants and Gardens (MPG)

Based in the UK, MPG is an association for people with a particular interest in the flora and gardens of Mediterranean climates. It embraces concepts of sustainable gardening such as matching plant species intelligently to their environment and giving particular attention to economical use of water.

Mediterranean Gardening Margaret River - Western Australia

Our group has evolved to encourage gardeners of this region the chance to share knowledge, friendship and learn how to best cope with the local climatic conditions for our Mediterranean climate. While in our infancy we are constantly promoting our gardening style and arranging visits between our members and friends to further the enjoyment of gardening. We have gathered quite a number of newcomers to the region who are enjoying the friendship aspect as much as the gardening and every meeting sees our numbers grow.

Cape Horticultural Society - South Africa

The CHS promotes the growing of a variety of different plants and believes that a garden with birds, butterflies, chameleons, lizards and frogs, and alive with insects, represents a healthy garden in which plants flourish and the balance of nature exists. We advocate the growing of waterwise plants, both indigenous and exotic (if non-invasive), and encourage the use of natural, organic fertilisers. We are based in Cape Town, where a Mediterranean climate prevails, and members meet monthly to listen to talks on a wide variety of subjects, as well as visit gardens or places of horticultural interest.

Mediterranean Gardening Chile

Mediterranean Gardening Chile originated in Aurora Park, located in the Curacaví valley, which lies between scrubland and sclerophyll forest. Our group fosters interest in Chilean native Mediterranean species, many vulnerable and most endemic, to protect them through observation and knowledge, and to report on their qualities and on the benefits of growing them in our gardens.

California Horticultural Society

The cold winter of 1932 brought together nursery personnel, academics, and garden enthusiasts to share information about what perished/survived in gardens. This gathering expanded into a group focused on the challenges and opportunities of gardening in this region, and the plants that thrive in our mediterranean climate. Our monthly programs feature horticultural professionals, plant collectors, or an avid gardener. We hold a yearly exchange of seeds, organize visits to gardens and nurseries of interest, and also one another’s gardens.

Okanagan Xeriscape Association

The Okanagan Xeriscape Association was founded in the Okanagan Valley of south-central British Columbia, Canada in 2009 to educate the community about gardening with nature and conserving water while creating attractive and colourful landscapes. By 2010, creation of a xeriscape demonstration garden by volunteers was underway to inspire the use of native and Mediterranean-type (drought-resistant) plants in order to reduce outdoor water use and produce healthy plants that require fewer pesticides. Classes, workshops, presentations, a brochure, website and detailed plant database are all tools used by OXA to support the principles of xeriscape. Volunteers, community groups, businesses and governments all worked collaboratively to create the UnH2O Xeriscape Demonstration Garden in front of the City of Kelowna’s aquatic recreation building, the H2O Adventure and Fitness Centre.

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