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Our Principles

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What do we do?

Each organisation within our community has a common interest in the principles and practices of Mediterranean gardening and organises activities to further this interest. These include garden visits, workshops, talks, plant exchanges, botanical walks and international trips to Mediterranean-climate areas.

Our aim is to share our knowledge and experience of Mediterranean plants and gardening amongst ourselves and with others with similar interests, internationally.

How do we operate?

We assist each other by sharing information, expertise and resources, and by encouraging members to join in activities organised by any of the participating societies.

Although we are a community, each group is free to act as it wishes.

We encourage other groups with similar aims to join us. We are not restrictive. Participating associations are free to belong to any other organisation if they so wish.

Members of any of the groups in our community may participate in activities organised by any other group on the same terms as its own members. However, where there is only room for a limited number of participants, priority may be given to members of the organising group.

From time to time, we may organise joint projects or activities to which members of all participating groups are invited. Any costs associated with these joint ventures will be shared by all those participating.

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